Race Regulations

1.     GENERAL

The declaration of participation in the competitions presupposes full acceptance of the terms.

The athletes who will compete should understand that they are moving in mountainous and rough terrain with all this entails. They are also exposed to the weather conditions that will prevail on the specific day of the race.

The regulations apply to all competitions.

In all the Dirfys Trail Run 2023 races, the sanitary protocols that will be in force by the EODY and the GGA during the period of the races will be observed.


Athletes are obliged to respect the regulations described below fully. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the match judges. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions always incurs the penalty of disqualification.

The judges of the match, when they perceive violations of the regulations, record them and inform the violators. Any other authorized person from the organization can also record any violation that comes to his attention and submit it for examination to the Competition Committee.


Men and women who have reached the age of 18 on the day of the games are eligible to participate in the games. Students can participate in the competitions if they have a Responsible Declaration from their guardians. Participation, which has been financially settled, is considered valid. Timing will be done electronically on all routes. An athlete who registers and does not attend the match is not entitled to a refund.


The cost of participation is as follows:

€31 for the 30 km race

€21 for the 15km race

€12 for the 5km race

The children’s race is free

The consideration will be paid electronically by card (debit-credit). No other payment will be accepted. Payment will be made within five (5) days of registration, otherwise the registration will not be valid. A confirmation email will be sent after payment.


12 NOVEMBER 2023


Το πακέτο συμμετοχής περιλαμβάνει:


Digital timing with chip, runner number, medal, technical T-shirt, waterproof vest, first aid services and medical care throughout the race.


Digital timing with chip, runner number, medal, technical T-shirt, 400ml mountaineering water container, first aid services and medical care throughout the race.


Digital timing with chip, runner number, medal, technical T-shirt, neck scarf with many applications, first aid services and medical care throughout the race.


Races 30km – 15km – 5km

Prizes are awarded to the top three overall men’s and women’s finishers

Age categories Men-Women 30km

18 years to 49 years

50 years and older

All participants who finish will be given a commemorative medal

Children’s race

All participants who finish will be given a commemorative medal

8.     VENUE

The races will be held at the starting and finishing points of Stenis Primary School


Sunday, November 26, 2023


30km: 09:30 am

15km: 09:45 am

5km: 09:45am

1000m: 10:00 am

11.     RACE ROUTE

They are precisely described on the organization’s website, under the GENERAL category, for each match separately.


On the 30km route, there will be two “gates” of exclusion. One at Sideritis Station 1 at 8.7km with a time of 1 hour and 45 minutes and one at Sideritis Station 2 at 26.7km with a time of 5 hours and 30 minutes from the start of the race. The limit is common for all categories of athletes, regardless of gender and age. After completing the mentioned time, the person in charge of the station continues to register the athletes but as overdue, and the athletes who arrive there, must hand in their number.

There are no disqualification limits in the 15km, 5km, and 4km DH races


The markings of the route are dense and the project tapes (yellow and black) and the climbing signs – paint markers, which show the correct course of the athlete, are defined as distinctive signs.

The marking of the route placed by the organization is temporary, to serve the athletes and is removed after the race. These are mainly mileage signs or route guides, as well as deterrents in the event of a wrong route.

At key points of the route and if the above material means are deemed insufficient, there will be volunteers who will guide the athletes.


The athletes must have been examined by a doctor, who will have deemed them fit to participate in the specific competition.

Three days before the race, participating runners will be emailed a health information questionnaire to complete online. Alternatively, they can show the necessary certificates to the secretariat when receiving the timing package.


Each athlete carries the race number (bib) on him, which he is obliged to wear in a visible place on the front of his shirt. The number must remain throughout the race without being folded, thus hiding any element written on the number (sponsors, logos, etc.). Substantial alteration of the number, which may confuse the Station registrars, is punishable by disqualification. Losing the number is punishable by a ban.


Walking sticks are allowed. You are also allowed to possess and use a map, compass, GPS, mobile phone or radio (VHF).

17.     TRASH

The race takes place in mountainous terrain and therefore in a sensitive ecosystem. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to discard any kind of objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other packaging material of solid or liquid food, which the athletes consume during the race. At each feeding station there is a special plastic waste bag. All athletes are required to throw waste into the bag.

Respect the mountain and take the trash with them, don’t throw it on the trail. Anyone “caught” littering will be permanently banned from the event.


Athletes are obliged to move on the path without forming groups that extend in width, thus blocking athletes who would like to overtake. When an athlete is notified that they must pull over to pass, they should stay on the uphill (inside) side of the slope.


The organizing authority undertakes the feeding of the athletes during the competition.


No liquid cups will be offered at the stations. The athletes should have ensured that they have their own glasses.


On the 30km and 15km route, it is mandatory to carry an Aluminum Blanket. No mandatory equipment is provided for the athletes of the remaining routes.

The weather conditions in the mountains are changeable and very easily the sun gives way to heavy rains. That is why it is good that their equipment includes:

It is also recommended for all races to carry a small backpack or waist pack, with some basic supplies such as goggles, a hat, a pouch or bag with a wide mouth, solid food of their choice, to cover their needs between stations. Athletes are responsible for carrying one or two containers to receive water and isotonic separately. Abandoning a backpack along the route at the central stations is the athlete’s responsibility.


It will be carried out on a random sample of race athletes, at a station, which will remain secret for ethical reasons. Those who do not bring the mandatory equipment are automatically disqualified from the race and must hand in their number immediately.


The organization’s telephone number will be at the service of athletes who face any kind of problem during the race. The phone is for emergencies and please don’t let athletes’ relatives call it to find out if their loved one is okay.

24.     BATTON USE

Allowed from startup. As a non-mandatory piece of equipment, it is not checked if someone has them on them all the time or leaves them somewhere to pick up again somewhere else.


The Control Points of the race are at the feeding stations but also at selected points where there will be an electronic carpet over which the athletes are obliged to pass. The athletes are obliged to have their numbers in a visible place so that the judges can record them. If an athlete wears a windproof jacket, he must show his number when arriving at the Control Station. Refusal to display the number means disqualification. Any athlete who does not pass even one Control station is considered invalid.


Objections for any reason can only be made by the athlete himself, no later than 1 hour after his termination.


The race can only be interrupted in case of extreme weather conditions (strong and long-lasting storms). If this happens during the race, the organization will take care to inform the participants in every possible way. Then the participants will be transferred to the start/finish area of ​​the race.

28.     SECURITY

Athletes participate at their own risk and the organizing authority is not responsible in case of injury, as explicitly stated in the disclaimer. However, there will be a Volunteer Rescue Team covering the race. Also, specialized medical personnel and fully equipped ambulances will be on hand at selected strategic points.

The Committee undertakes to supervise the course of the race with specialized personnel in matters of safety, rescue and providing medical assistance to the athletes who will be in need. In cases where safety personnel and judges indicate to athletes that they must change direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Refusal to comply means disqualification.


If necessary (in extremely dangerous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route or postpone the start for a short period, in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.

If the race is not allowed to take place on the specific date, the transfer of the match to a new date will be announced. All payments will be valid on the new date as well. If someone does not wish to participate on the new date, they can request a refund. The money will be returned except for an amount of €2 which you withhold from the bank as administrative costs.


Timing will be done digitally with a chip in the running shoe.

The results will be presented in real time, and posted immediately after the race, and a message with everyone’s time will be sent immediately after the finish. A live streaming service is provided during the termination. The final results will be published after being checked by the organizing committee in the following days of the race.

The final classification of the races is the classification provided by the respective timing company and is not subject to any dispute. Under no circumstances and for any reason, double medals will be awarded to athletes who finish together.


The only penalty for all misdemeanors & rule violations is disqualification/expulsion. It is imposed on:

– Route pollution,
– Path cuts
– Not having the mandatory equipment


The organizers are not responsible for the death, injury, or any damage to the health of the competitors, who, by applying for participation, declare that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and certify that their health condition is good and allows them to compete, and have recently been examined by a doctor for this matter. However, no athlete will be asked to provide a medical certificate. The athletes themselves are obliged to undergo regular medical check-ups to check their state of health. The organizers disclaim any responsibility regarding the physical integrity of the athletes, who should behave responsibly at points on the course where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal results is increased. The organizers disclaim any financial responsibility in case of external assistance to any athlete.


In case of injuries, transport to Steni or to the hospital is carried out by the designated agencies, but always at the expense of the victim’s financial costs. Their organization is not a state service and of course it is not burdened with the cost that is not its responsibility.


The Organization and its partners retain the copyright of the photographing and filming of the race by authorized teams that undertake this work. Any athlete whose application is accepted automatically accepts this condition, knowing that their face may appear in photographs or videos, without their permission being asked and without being able to claim any compensation from any publication of the material.

35.    PRIVACY

The Organization will not disclose to third parties the personal details of the athletes who apply for participation. Respecting the relevant legislation and considering maintaining their secrecy as an absolute moral obligation, it keeps the details of the athletes secret and in a secure digital environment. Only the athlete’s name, city of residence and age can be published, and if submitted by him: the photo, any personal website and sports biography.


The organizers reserve the right to modify the competition regulations without prior notice.